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EWC Systems provide the following services to federal and commercial customers.

Enterprise Applications Development


EWC Systems has extensive experience and expertise with designing, developing, implementing, and supporting complex java applications for multiple clients.

.NET and SharePoint

EWC Systems  Inc. has 10+ years of experience implementing and supporting .NET applications.

Web Development

There are many open-source tools for web development such as BerkeleyDB, GlassFish, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, and Perl/Plack.

ERP and Content Management

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.

Cloud & Big Data Solutions


EWC Systems has 6+ years of experience in Cloud computing. We have enabled companies of all sizes in replacing existing physical on-premises infrastructure with cloud services. With Cloud solutions, we help clients achieve cost-saving, self-service provisioning, on-demand usage, pay-per-usage, security, scalability, and automatic software upgrading.

Our Capabilities and Experience Includes
  • Developing cloud strategy and coordinating the adoption process.

  • Establishing best practices for Cloud solutions across the company.

  • Governing infrastructure, storage, database, security, IAM, monitoring, auditing, and integrating cloud services

  • Migrating data from legacy system to new solutions, defining backup strategies, and providing operational support for Management Information Systems

  • Replacing on-premises infrastructure to Cloud by deploying an application into EC2, ECS, and Lambda, integrating data store by moving data into RDS and S3, integrating networking with VPC, ACL, and SG, integrating security with IAM

  • Role & Policy and KMS, integrating deployment management with OpsWorks, Code Deploy, and CloudFormation.

  • Implementing DevOps practices such as infrastructure-as-code, continuous integration, and automated deployment


AWS - EC2, S3, Lambda, EMR, Athena, Kinesis, Step Function, AWS SDK, DynamoDB, ECS, Fargate, CloudFormation, AWS CLI, Boto3

Azure - Azure Virtual Machines, Storage, ACS, Azure Functions, Azure Event Grid, ELB, Azure Database, Data Bricks, Azure Automation, Resource Manager

Quality Assurance


EWC Systems has resources working in various roles and capacities to make sure applications/software solutions delivered, are of the highest quality. IStream Solutions Inc. has engineers working using different tools and technologies to perform manual and automation testing, in the traditional software life cycle, DevOps, or Agile frameworks.

Our Capabilities and Experience Includes
  • Creating test artifacts like test strategy, plan, test cases, test data, traceability matrix, test logs, defect and test closure reports required by all stakeholders.

  • Develop Automation test scripts using various tools.

  • Developed and enhancing Keyword-based automation products to cater to the testing needs of the whole organization.

  • Developed and enhancing BDD-based framework for few clients to take care of needs for common test scenarios, applications.

  • Integrating automation testing with Jenkins to run auto smoke tests, on-demand regression tests, and functional tests from a central location generating centralized reports.

  • Implemented password management system to work with automation tests, to reduce security and management issues with open text and local file passwords.


Java, Selenium, Cucumber, Apium, QTP, JavaScript, TestNG, Jenkins, Apache Maven, JMeter, JProbe, YSlow, Apache POI, ODI, OBI, SOAP, REST, HP Loadrunner, AppDynamics, AGM, JIRA, HP ALM, SysPass.

Mobile App Development


EWC Systems has 4+ years of experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining Native Mobile Applications of prominent platforms - iOS and Android. We have expertise in the development of native, cross-platform as well as progressive web apps for mobile platforms.

Our Capabilities and Experience Includes
  • Developing and maintaining responsive Android applications, which work on different screen sizes using Java and Kotlin programming languages.

  • Developing cross-platform apps using development frameworks such as React Native, Apache Cordova, Ionic, and Titanium

  • Developing cross-platform apps using development frameworks such as React Native, Apache Cordova, Ionic, and Titanium

  • Deploying and maintaining applications on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Maintaining backward and forward compatibilities for older versions of iOS and Android OS.

  • Testing the applications on multiple devices with different versions and variants of operating systems.


React Native, Apache Cordova, Ionic, Titanium, Crashlytics, CSS3, JavaScript,ES6,  HTML5, Objective C, Swift, Java, Kotlin,

Training And Staffing


EWC Systems has streamlined processes and experienced staff to help recruit the right candidates for the projects, provide training programs, as well as encourage and offer various certifications for candidates. IStream team consists of resources who are top-notch quality, delivering at great lengths to the clients, which is the testimony of our diligent and efficient staffing and training process.

Our Capabilities and Experience Includes
  • Team of recruiters with vast experience in understanding client/project requirements, effective search, and thorough screening of candidates.

  • Provide extensive training on various technical, business, and process domains to equip employees with practical knowledge and practice to deliver the projects successfully.

  • Training and support for various certification programs like AWS, Java, Angular, TOGAF, .NET, Big Data, SCM, ITIL, PMP, etc.

  • Consulting services for technology, architecture, and business process reengineering

  • Conduct solution brainstorming, analysis of alternatives presentations, and hackathons

  • Provide quick turnaround in scaling, recruiting the right candidates based on short-term and long-term client needs.

  • Proven ability in various situations to source the right candidates, groom them and encourage them to provide high-quality contribution to the projects.

Infrastructure Solutions


As organizations continue to grow, their mission systems and the underlying supporting infrastructure becomes more complex. There is a constant need to consolidate infrastructure resources and deploy them in a targeted manner to maximize mission system support and cost savings.


EWC Systems Infrastructure Solutions focuses on building and managing highly available, reliable IT infrastructure to enable our clients’ to meet their dynamic mission needs.

EWC Systems Infrastructure Solution's offering is based on the principle of maximizing usage through consolidation, flexibility, and scalability through on-demand provisioning, and lowering IT costs through resource allocation, when and to the extent needed. EWC Systems has the capability to design, architect, and implement enterprise infrastructure platforms based on industry best practices that provide highly available and reliable data center solutions.


EWC Systems has been enabling clients to make significant improvements in the reliability and quality of product delivery thru progressive elaboration of requirements, incremental feature development, rapid and frequent deployment cycles, quality testing, and user engagement. The EWC Systems team leans on agile methods and Continuous Improvement processes to deliver high-quality and mission-aligned products.

  1. Cloud Computing — Our cloud consulting expertise includes deployment of all types of cloud platforms, including hybrid clouds. Drawing upon our own cloud-enabled Enterprise Transformation Fabric with prebuilt cloud solution components and those of our cloud partners, we will help choose the best cloud technologies and map out a strategy for clients that will enhance the utilization of IT infrastructure. We help drive cost savings through the delivery of flexible, secure, and federal compliant cloud-based mission-critical applications.

  2. DevOps — Our DevOps support enables federal agencies to target product delivery, quality testing, feature development, and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability, security, faster development, and deployment cycles by adopting Agile Development and Continuous Integration characteristics. Our DevOps capabilities include:

    • Establishing an enterprise-wide DevOps toolkit

    • Automating tasks & processes

    • Adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery processes

    • Implementing DevOps best practices

    • Creating and sustaining a culture of collaboration

  3. Continuous Monitoring — We provide clients with capabilities and tools that identify cybersecurity risks on an ongoing basis, prioritize risks based on potential impacts, and enable cybersecurity personnel to mitigate issues in the order of significance. Our Continuous Monitoring services leverage industry-standard technologies and tools to empower organizations with the ability to proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities in Internet-facing devices within the DMZ, cloud-based environments, and web applications before attackers breach them. It brings a new proactive approach to vulnerability management, empowering customers to continuously monitor mission-critical assets throughout their perimeter and immediately get alerted to anomalies that could expose them to cyber attacks.

Mission-Driven Partnerships

EWC Systems

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